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Baby's Clutch
Book I in the Healer Chronicles


Jimmy Doe is an empath, a ward of the state, and the only known individual capable of reversing fatal trauma in another human being with a touch. That ability marks him as a “healer”. For as long as he can remember, his view of the world has been through the tinted glass of secure hotel rooms and armored limousines as a member of the Secret Service’s “Orpheus” team.  Jimmy Doe's hands can end illness and pain.  For some, his touch offers a second chance at life.  But this gift guarantees Jimmy a life in a gilded cage.  A life in which Jimmy will never be able to find the one thing he desires most… family.


Secret Service agent Moses Frayne is the closest thing Jimmy has to a role model. In the constantly changing shifts of agents tasked with protecting Jimmy, it is Moses that creates a semblance of family inside the secure Arlington, VA compound, and on the road in the president’s shadow.  Moses knows that Jimmy will never be allowed normalcy, freedom, or his own family, particularly as interagency political conflict erupts, and the Central Intelligence Agency embeds a researcher with the Orpheus team. Though the researcher pretends to befriend Jimmy and to offer him a chance at freedom, her real goal is groom him as a covert agent and assassin.


When responding to an attack on the president, the Orpheus team is ambushed. Mercenaries hired by a man that has witnessed Jimmy’s healing powers decimates the team and kidnaps America’s most closely guarded secret. Jimmy is delivered into the hands of a corrupt old man who wants to live forever. While the Secret Service and CIA launch a manhunt to find Jimmy, their new foe places him in a series of experiments to determine the limits of his ability. As the situation worsens, Jimmy must choose whether he will use his ability to hurt rather than heal, and whether he will take his only chance to escape from everyone who wants to control him.

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