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First, Do No Harm
The Name is Ness

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Silhouette man with chain Freedom, Worship and Pray.Repent of wrong doing.Prisoner with br

First, Do No Harm



A convict must escape prison and find cash hidden during a bank robbery 15 years ago if he’s to save his family from the ex‑partner that holds them hostage.



Ten years ago Tyrone Pastor agreed to participate in a heist that would secure his family’s financial future and allow his little brother to go to college.  Best of all, it was the theft of drug money being laundered in a mob bank.  But Ty and his brother were betrayed by their partner, Jacob Sands.  Ty wound up in the prison hospital, and his brother in the morgue.  Jacob Sands was captured.  The money was never recovered.  And the only person who knew where the money had been hidden, was Ty’s dead younger brother.

Ten years of incarceration have made Ty a model prisoner.  He works in the infirmary and takes pre-med courses with the intention of one day speaking the Hippocratic Oath.  But not even a decade will put down the guilt that comes from leading his little brother to a bad end.  This regrets fuels the white-hot burn of his morality even as it widens the schism with what is left of his family.  Ten years later, Ty’s mother still will not take his calls.

Incarceration has made Jacob Sands leaner, meaner, and certain of one thing: Tyrone knows where his money lies.  During a Federal appeals hearing, Sands and accomplices escape custody.  US Marshals bulldog Sand’s trail, but not before he collects Ty’s mother and sister as hostages.  The price of their freedom is $6M in cash that Ty’s brother hid.

Now that Sands is back, everything Ty has achieved weighs against the fate of his mother and little sister.  Three months from eligibility for parole, Ty breaks jail, racing the US Marshals to find Sands.  All while pursuing the riddle of where his brother hid the cash.  That enigma takes him to their ancestral home, through the rural county where they hit a mob bank on counting day ten years ago, and on a trek through canyons that provide habitat to wildcats, bears, and bats. 

Ty is pursued alternately by mobsters who have not forgotten the origin of the stolen funds, US Marshals, and a FBI fugitive task force competing with Marshals for the glory of Sands' capture.  All the while, Ty is dying slowly from wounds received during his prison breakout.  Ty realizes that capture or failure means the death of all the family he has left. 

The question is, how far will he go to resist capture?  Will he violate his private oath to do no more harm?  If he has the opportunity to revenge himself on Sands for his brother’s death, will he shed blood or will he keep his hard-won morality intact from a vengeful ex-partner who plans to break Ty before he recovers the money and sees Ty dead.

The Ambassador - Audiobook Cover_edited.

The Ambassador

A disgraced politician relegated to an ambassadorial post in a third world nation rediscovers the principles that began his career and stands off a tyrant's besieging army to protect the political refugees that sought shelter within embassy walls.

GENRE: Political Thriller

FORMAT: Screenplay and Series Bible.  Also available as Fiction.  First of the Jackson Ford Mystery Series (Genres: Mystery, Action, Political Thriller).

German shepherd low key black and white grey portrait studio side of dogs heads twin dogs


A veteran and his working dog, both carrying the scars of war, settle into new roles as deputy and K9 in the sleepy hill country of Virginia, only to find that the new roads they travel are as explosively lethal as the sands of Afghanistan.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Man in the Mist


The estranged son of a B-List movie star uses fantasy techniques to enlist the greatest film stars from the age of cinema to reunite with his father and to battle the forces that shattered his family.

GENRE: Drama, Action/Adventure.

FORMAT: Screenplay.

The nuclear-powered attack submarine BIRMINGHAM conducting an emergency surfacing exercise

Black Dragon

When a renegade Russian nuclear missile submarine sinks a US ship during RIMPAC fleet exercises, an American observer stationed aboard the Japanese attack submarine Black Dragon, must work with the crew to locate and destroy the Russian submarine before they can reach a launch point and ignite WWIII.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by Tim Hüfner


Ever since she gunned down the drunk driver who killed her daughter, former Detective Aubrey Case’s grief has distanced herself from fellow inmates and from the remnants of her own family, but when rioting prisoners take Aubrey’s sister and nephew hostage during a parole hearing, Aubrey realizes she must act before the last of those she loves are lost.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Police Cars

The Name Is Ness
(in writing partnership with Michael Stern)

When the granddaughter of Eliot Ness is wounded on a case and returns to the FBI Academy Cold Case Unit as an instructor to convalesce, she makes the archives of unsolved cases far more than a teaching tool for her students… they are a second chance for justice.

GENRE: Police Procedural, Mystery, Action

FORMAT: Feature-length screenplay or episodic TV with Series Bible.

Image by Jay Rembert


A pregnant woman brutalized and left for dead by her pro-boxer husband finds power, vengeance, and redemption in the tutelage of a hired killer.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Air Battle


It’s 2055 and a humankind on the verge of exploring the solar system is forced to learn fast when they are discovered by warring alien races and must choose sides in a conflict where all the participants consider humanity as either cannon-fodder, or vermin that must be exterminated.

GENRE: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay. Also soon to be available as Fiction.  First of the Remnant Series (Genres: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure).

Star Cluster

(in writing partnership with Michael Stern)

The star that was posthumously named after his mother is too far and too dim for young Eli Swisher to view from sea-level, so he embarks on a journey that will carry him through danger, heartache, and fear in order to view his mother’s heavenly legacy. 

GENRE: Drama, Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by wu yi

The Square

A Russian child adopted by members of the Chinese communist elite learns the true nature of love and sacrifice when he becomes involved with a leader of the student protest leadership and risks his privilege, his wealth, and his life to save her before she is lost to the carnage of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

GENRE: Thriller, Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Crystal Ball


A federal agent whose life has been framed by the tragedies of her past, must pursue a serial killer whose crimes are determined by his ability to foresee tragedies in the future.

GENRE: Police Procedural, Action

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by Barth Bailey

Eagles Down
(in writing partnership with Kurt Kusenko & Joe Venanzi and Norm Tessman)

When three crewmembers bail out of their crippled Liberator Bomber and into the night skies above the Grand Canyon, they begin a harrowing ordeal that would captivate a nation, and their escape from the depths of the Grand Canyon would make front-page news beside the D-Day landings.  (From a true story.)

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by Aron Visuals

This Time

Thomas Chiles is a scientist on the verge of being able to traverse the ravening torrent of time, when his family is murdered before his eyes.  His last hope is to reach the man convicted of their murder, a man Thomas knows was an innocent witness to the crime… a dead man that cannot be reached in his time.

GENRE: Science Fiction, Thriller

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by David Everett Strickler

Pup's Angel

Chain Williams is a Secret Service agent consumed by grief over the murder of his son, but when the first lady chooses him, Chain must fight to overcome his loss and carry out his assignment... as bodyguard to the President's infant son.

GENRE: Thriller, Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

Image by Liv Bruce


A boy with powerful empathic abilities grows up under the Secret Service’s watchful eye, never more than 10 minutes from the President... until a powerful man with a will to live forever decides to steal his gift.

GENRE: Fantasy, Thriller

FORMAT: Feature-length screenplay or episodic TV with Series Bible. Also soon to be available as Fiction.  First of the Healer Series (Genres: Fantasy, Action, Thriller).

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


After the death of his wife, Daniel Royce thought he had nothing left to lose, but when a stranger abducts his infant son, he finds himself in a race against time to save the one thing left living for.

GENRE: Thriller, Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Treatment for a feature-length screenplay.

USA vs. North Korea - graphic concept.jpg


The past returns to haunt a North Korean defector exiled to a life at sea aboard US Navy ships when North Korean forces capture an American spy ship and realize that - in addition to the technology they sought - they have found the legendary “Colonel”, the traitor who became a man without a country in order to safeguard the lives of his children in North Korea; now the Colonel must choose between a return to his homeland, and helping the Americans who gave him sanctuary.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

FORMAT: Screenplay.

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