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Brian is an author living in northern Virginia with his two sons. He writes about everyday people in the midst of extraordinary circumstances.



He does it for his sons.


And he does it for you.


Where his writing is successful in your eyes, it is important to pay homage to the giants he has studied all his life. Authors like James Lee Burke, who can elicit lightning and wind and thunder with a pen stroke. And others, like Tom Clancy, who craft the bloodied heroes we thrill to see rise up again after being bashed to their knees. In “The Ambassador”, Brian shares the odyssey of a reluctant hero in a tale of loss, corruption, and redemption set against a backdrop of political intrigue. Like the heroes in other stories crafted by Brian, Jackson Ford is a mirror. Hold him up, and you should see that he reflects the kindness, courage, and strength that is in each of you. 

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