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Where Do You Want Your Heroes to Go?

Mountain Ridge

There is uncanny strength and courage and curiosity in you.

Never doubt that. 

And lest you need reminding…

The heroes in my stories are you.  Three fiction series. Eighteen screenplays. Thousands of pages and words and hours devoted to the sole purpose of holding up the mirror so you can see...

Heroes, like you. 

Resolute. Creative. Fierce. Kind.

Even when they bleed.

Even when they say goodbye.

So where do you want to see your heroes go?

I ask...

Because they carry the best parts of you.

Portfolio: By The Numbers


Fiction Series

  • Jackson Ford

  • Healer Chronicles

  • Remnant

  • Lexie


Published Novel:

The Ambassador


Draft Novels:

         Remnant Series 

  • Viridae

  • Shimmer

  • Badlands

         Healer Chronicles

  • Touch



  • Lexie


Feature Length Screenplays

First, Do No Harm

Optioned Screenplay

- AND -

The Name Is Ness

Optioned TV Series

Image by Hasan Almasi

In this political thriller, a disgraced American politician relegated to a third world ambassadorial post rediscovers the principles that began his career, and stands off a tyrant's besieging army to protect refugees that sought shelter inside embassy walls.


GENRE: Political Thriller for The Ambassador; Mystery, Action, and Political Thriller for subsequent novels.

Image by Jackson David

A boy with powerful empathic abilities grows up under the Secret Service’s watchful eye, never more than 10 minutes from the President... until a powerful man with a will to live forever decides to steal his gift.


GENRE: Action, Thriller, Fantasy

Cosmic Pink

It’s 2055 and a humankind on the verge of exploring the solar system is forced to learn fast when they are discovered by warring alien races and must choose sides in a conflict where all the participants consider humanity as either cannon-fodder, or vermin that must be exterminated.


GENRE: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure

Retro film production accessories placed on wooden planks. Concept of film-making. Smoke e

Representation by The Hudson Agency (NY) for 18 full length feature films.  Among them, Viridae, Touch, and The Ambassador are series concepts that have been adapted to fiction. 

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